Operational Technology Security

The Index presents listings specific to operational technology (OT) security, providing insights, solutions, and services dedicated to securing OT systems and protecting critical infrastructure. Discover trusted resources to enhance the resilience and security of OT environments against emerging threats.

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ICS firewalls are specialized firewalls designed to protect operational technology (OT) networks and control systems from cyber threats. They provide deep packet inspection and filtering capabilities to monitor and control network traffic, ensuring the integrity and availability of critical industrial processes.

Network segmentation solutions help separate OT networks into smaller, isolated segments to prevent unauthorized access and limit the impact of potential security incidents. By dividing the network into zones based on function or sensitivity, organizations can control access and contain threats within specific segments.

Endpoint protection solutions tailored for OT devices provide security measures specifically designed for industrial control systems and devices. These solutions offer real-time monitoring, anomaly detection, and protection against malware and unauthorized modifications to ensure the security and reliability of OT operations.

Threat intelligence platforms gather and analyze data from various sources to provide actionable insights on emerging cyber threats specific to operational technology environments. These platforms help organizations stay informed about potential risks, vulnerabilities, and attack trends, enabling them to proactively implement appropriate security measures.

Industrial IDS solutions monitor network traffic and behavior within OT environments to detect potential intrusions and anomalies. These systems use signature-based and behavior-based detection mechanisms to identify suspicious activities, unauthorized access attempts, and malicious behavior that could impact critical operations.

SIEM solutions tailored for OT environments collect, correlate, and analyze security events and logs from OT devices, networks, and systems. They provide centralized visibility into security events, facilitate incident response, and help identify and mitigate threats in real-time, ensuring the resilience of operational technology systems.

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